Buy Agreement:We are not affiliated with ICQ company. All numbers are the property of ICQ company. When you buy ICQ number in our shop - you pay for the password retrieve service, and not for the property on ICQ number.

ICQ number statuses

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We sell icq numbers with following statuses:

invisible – icq number do not have any email in details and invisible in white pages search. The number become visible in white pages search after you add any info in his details.

clean – icq number do not have any email in details and visible in white pages search.

am – icq number have attached email in details. Attention: you should change this attached email on own email right after buying! After that old attached email will not work. We recommend to use such email services which does not delete email after you don’t use it during long time.

pm – icq number have primary email in details. We give you primary email password together with icq number password. Attention: you can not change primary email now. The password retrieve will work for primary email even if you change it in number details. All our primary emails are on hotmail and yahoo post service. So you had to login to this primary emails one time per 2-3 months to avoid deleting it by post service.

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