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How many people are using mine ICQ number right now (anti spy guide)?

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Aolsystemmsg – is the official ICQ bot which can be very useful for secure conversations.

Common bot commands:

- send to “Aolsystemmsg” text message “1” and all number’s sessions will be closed except current one;

- send to “Aolsystemmsg” text message “2” and the bot show you how many sessions (locations) are singed in your number now (anti spy feature).

How to use Aolsystemmsg, example for web icq:

- login in the icq and choose “Add Contact”

- press “Add an AIM contact” (make sure that you add AIM contact, not ICQ contact) and print “Aolsystemmsg” as a username

- send the message to Aolsystemmsg to know the info.

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